Contributing to Society

We are honoured to have played a part in enriching the lives of the people in Sarawak, as well as Malaysians across the nation. Our social responsibility programmes include:


We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Bintulu and continue to contribute to the development of infrastructures such as roads, water supply, electricity, housing, schools and telecommunications.

Job Opportunities for Malaysians

The increased employment opportunities that MLNG provides have benefited many Malaysians, especially the people of Sarawak. Today, we feature an entirely Malaysian management team – a testament to our commitment in job-based skills training to groom local talents.


Thanks to the MLNG Minor Scholarship programme, underprivileged children can look forward to a brighter future. We sponsor these bright young minds; giving them a chance to pursue their secondary education. Our other educational programmes include Cybercamp for Schools, The Bakti Pendidikan PETRONAS Programme and Motivational Camps on an annual basis, as well as School Choral Speaking competitions to help nurture our youngest and brightest minds.


At MLNG, environmental conservation is one of our utmost concerns. Over the years, we have undertaken numerous environmental conservation projects including our recent “Nature n’ U” programme, which provides a fun and hands-on environmental education to secondary school students in Sarawak. We also have more environmental conservation initiatives lined up in the near future.


Our sporting events like the PETRONAS Football League, MLNG Golf Classic Tournament, The Sarawak Regatta and Inter-School Sports competition foster closer community ties. New friendships and bonds are formed among participants and spectators alike.

Social Gathering

Nothing brings a community together like a festive celebration. It is a pleasure to see people of diverse origins having an enjoyable time together at our festive gatherings such as the Majlis Berbuka Puasa, Sentuhan Kasih programme and Pre-Gawai event. Our selection of international events such as the Borneo International Kite Fest also helps to attract new visitors to the town of Bintulu.

HSE Awareness

We care about the safety of our workforce and the community. Which is why through various HSE awareness campaigns, we strive to improve the public’s attitude towards safety in all aspects of their lives. Our HSE campaigns include the MLNG Festive Road Safety Campaign and Mega Toolbox Talk.