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  • Your trusted LNG partner, distinctive for its quality & reliability


  • MLNG is in the business of manufacturing and marketing of LNG.
  • Our duty is to maximise return to our stakeholders.
  • Our people are our greatest asset. We are committed to provide an environment that attracts, develops and retains talent.
  • We are committed towards sustainable growth through value-driven strategies, focusing on energy efficiency, environment consciousness and resource development.
  • We are committed to pursue superior asset performance by operating safely & efficiently, adopting industry best practices and embracing innovation.
  • We are committed to achieve the highest level of quality through a high performance culture that embeds service-orientation, result-driven mindset and mutual respect.


  • Loyalty – loyal to nation and corporation
  • Professionalism – committed, innovative and proactive and always striving for excellence
  • Integrity – honest and upright
  • Cohesiveness – United in purpose and fellowship

PETRONAS: Our Parent Company

PETRONAS has a 90% interest in MLNG and a 60% interest in each of MLNG Dua and MLNG Tiga. The other participants in the joint ventures are Shell Gas B.V., Mitsubishi Corporation, Sarawak Government, JX Nippon and Diamond Gas.

All of the production volume from the PETRONAS LNG Complex in Bintulu is exported to Japan, Korea and Taiwan pursuant to long-term supply contracts. In 2009, MLNG Tiga entered into a 25-year long-term supply contract with Shanghai LNG Company Ltd. for the export of up to 3.03 mmtpa of LNG. Excess cargoes are sold at the spot market. With more than 25 years of experience in the LNG business, PETRONAS, through MLNG Group of Companies, has established a good reputation with its customers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

PETRONAS also owns an LPG extraction facility in Bintulu, Sarawak, located in the vicinity of the LNG plants. The facility is operated by MLNG and is designed to extract 560,000 metric tons per annum of LPG from the LNG production process. The facility commenced operations in October 1998. PETRONAS uses a dedicated LPG jetty to export the LPG to Japan, India, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong and is also used domestically in East Malaysia.

Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd (MLNG)

On 31 March 1978, PETRONAS signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Shell Gas B.V of The Netherlands and Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan for the development of the LNG project in Bintulu. Following this, Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd (MLNG) was incorporated on 14 June 1978. PETRONAS initially held 65 percent equity in the joint venture company with Shell Gas B.V and Mitsubishi Corporation each holding 15 percent, and the Sarawak State Government five percent.

After the expiry of the Joint Venture Agreement in March 2003, PETRONAS increased its stake to 90 percent while the Sarawak State Government and Mitsubishi hold 5 percent each.

Facts and Figures

  • Shareholders : PETRONAS (90%), Sarawak Government (5%), Mitsubishi Corporation (5%)
  • Train capacity : 3 trains

Malaysia LNG Dua Sdn Bhd (MLNG DUA)

On 1 June 1992, Malaysia LNG Dua Sdn Bhd (MLNG Dua) was incorporated to manage and operate the second LNG plant

Facts and Figures

  • Shareholders : PETRONAS (80%), Diamond Gas (10%), Sarawak Government (10%)
  • Train capacity : 3 trains

Malaysia LNG Tiga Sdn Bhd (MLNG TIGA)

MLNG Tiga was incorporated on 8 November 1995 to manage and operate the third LNG plant.

Facts and Figures

  • Shareholders : PETRONAS (60%), Shell Gas (15%), Sarawak Government(10%), JX Nippon (10%), Diamond Gas (5%)
  • Train capacity : 2 trains


On 13 January 2012, PETRONAS LNG 9 Sdn Bhd was incorporated to manage and operate the ninth LNG train in the complex.

Facts and Figures

  • Shareholders : PETRONAS (90%), JX Nippon (10%)
  • Train capacity :1 train


Shareholding Structure

Petronas Bhd was established as Malaysia's national oil company in 1974 to develop and manage the country's oil and gas resources. It is wholly-owned by the Malaysian Government and is vested with the entire ownership and control of the petroleum resources in Malaysia through the Petroleum Development Act 1974.

Over the years, Petronas has grown to become a fully integrated oil and gas corporation and is ranked among the FORTUNE Global 500 ® largest corporations in the world. Petronas has four subsidiaries listed on the Bursa Malaysia and has ventured globally into more than 30 countries worldwide in its aspiration to be a leading oil and gas multinational of choice. The company's gas experience was demonstrated with the successful commissioning of MLNG Satu in 1982 and its global LNG venture in Egypt and Australia.


Shareholding Structure

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies, operating in more than 140 countries and territories. Since 1907, the Shell group has grown and developed its business interest around the world. Shell delivers a wide range of energy solutions and petrochemicals. These include transporting and trading oil and gas, marketing natural gas, producing and selling fuels for ships and planes, generating electricity and providing energy efficiency advice. Shell also produces and sells petrochemical building blocks to industrial customers globally and is investing in renewable and lower-carbon energy resources competitive for large-scale use.

Sarawak Government

Shareholding Structure

The current Sarawak Government is formed by four Barisan Nasional (National Alliance) component parties namely Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu, Sarawak United People's Party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and Parti Rakyat Sarawak. The government holds equity stake in most oil and gas companies operating in the State.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Shareholding Structure

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is Japan's largest general trading company (sogo shosha) with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries worldwide. Together with its over 500 group companies, MC employs a multinational workforce of approximately 60,000 people. MC has long been engaged in business with customers around the world in virtually every industry, including energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, food and general merchandise.

JX Nippon

Shareholding Structure

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation is a Japan-based supplier of petroleum products. The Company operates in four business segments. The Oil Refinement and Sales segment is engaged in the refinement and processing of petroleum products, as well as the manufacture and sale of petrochemical products. This segment is also engaged in the storage and transportation of its petroleum products, as well as the purchase and sale of coal and other mining products.

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Development is engaged in the exploration and development of petroleum and natural gas. The Construction segment is involved in road construction and civil engineering works, as well as the design and construction of oil-related facilities. The Others segment is involved in the real estate, automobile-related and other businesses.

Diamond Gas

Shareholding Structure

This is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp.